Shopify Hover problem

Over the years of Shopify development, me and my team has dealt with a lot of unique client requirements. Most of the times, these requirements don’t fall in or out of the box it’s just there because everybody is doing it. One of those requirements were of quick view functionality on products. This quick view […]

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How to add product video instead of product image?

Are looking for help on this. Here some common question comes from our client. Is there a way to have a video show up in the main products slider instead of images? How to add product video instead of product image? (Supply theme) I am struggling trying to add videos to my product pages instead of […]

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How to Reduce eCommerce Website Bounce Rate


When users land on website and then leave without clicking on anything, the term used to define this scenario is called Bounce Rate of website. Well, there are multiple reasons possible but one of the most prominent ones seems to be unnecessary popups concealing the content the users want to read, page taking long to […]

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The Effects of Social Media on E-commerce


If you run an eCommerce business, you’re probably well aware of the increasingly important role social media plays in the evolution of online shopping. With 93 percent of consumers turning to social media to help make buying decisions—and 90 percent of them saying they trust product recommendations from their peers—avoiding social media simply isn’t an […]

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How to customize Minimal theme in shopify


We all know the Minimal theme is one of the best and commonly used theme in shopify store . We are working on lot’s of store based on Minimal theme. Minimal Fashion is a responsive theme specifically designed to adapt its display according to the device in use. It’s packed with great features you can […]

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